The best products for your baby

The variety of products for babies is increasing and, therefore, selecting the ideal care becomes a more complex task for the parents.

The skin of the baby is very sensitive and delicate, making hygiene and hydration care indispensable. Hydration should be done daily and after bathing with quality products that protect the baby's skin.

Thus, the selected products should be hypoallergenic and with neutral pH. They should not contain perfumes or fragrances, as they may contribute to the development of reactions. In addition, they should not contain parabens, lanolin, colorants or preservatives.

We present our selection!
Lutsine E45 Eryplast Water Paste: Protects and cares for the baby's delicate baby's skin, preventing irritation and redness in the diaper area. Apply a thin layer to each diaper change after wiping the baby's tail with lukewarm water.

Mustela Baby Milk Toilette: Gently cleans the face and buttocks of infants and children. Removes impurities and promotes hydration, leaving baby's skin smoother. Apply with a cotton pad and rinse with water.

Uriage Baby 1st Cold Cream: A creamy, non-greasy texture, it protects the face and body from the external aggressions of the day-to-day. The skin is nourished and smooth. Apply to face and body on perfectly clean and dry skin.

Bioderma ABCDerm Cold Cream Rosto: Cuidado que reduz a sensação de secura, desconforto e repuxamento, graças à textura cremosa com óleo de semente de damasco e cera de abelha. Hidrata, nutre e protege a pele das agressões externas, reforça a barreira cutânea e regula a permeabilidade. Formulação específica para o rosto (emulsão de água em óleo). Aplicar sobre a pele do rosto e corpo, limpa e seca.

Bioderma ABCDerm Soft Shampoo: Preserves hair balance and leaves hair silky and easy to comb. Excellent cutaneous and ocular tolerance (does not burn in the eyes and does not cause tears). Apply to previously wet scalp and remove with water.

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